Volume I:

Little Bill's Republic or Plato Visits the Wild West
by George Goodall

Where the Spell Can Be Broken: A Natural Naturalistic Approach to Religion
by Mitchell Erickson

Seeing Other Minds
by Steven M. Duncan

What's So Great About Reality?
by Edsel Kreisler

Discussion: A Hypothetical Challenge to the Theory of Evolution by Means of Natural Selection

Volume II:

"Gods" Revisited: A New Parable about Belief and Unbelief
by Steven M. Duncan

Is Truth Relative?
by Paul Herrick

Beautiful Music and Moral Discomfort in Mozartís "Cosi fan tutte"
by Edsel Kreisler

What's So Great About Reality II?
by Mitchell Erickson

Free Will Discussion

Volume III:

Dinosaurs and Progress
by Shawn Mintek

by George Goodall

Nobel Prize for Literature: Bob Dylan

Split Brains and the New Paradigm
by Kelsey Register